Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Census

( The census is coming ! The census is coming! So I guess I have to work that into my blog somewhere : )

I have been noticing some interesting population shifts that the 2010 census folks might want to take into account. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of snowmen in my Queens New York area in the last few days. I do not know if these folks are here to stay or just passing through but their presence has been noticeable & one wonders what their impact will be on our area.
All of the snowmen I have personally met (most are pictured here) have been charming and delightful -reminiscent of similar folks I knew from my childhood growing up in Queens and snowy winters from long ago. I met the very last gentleman pictured with his "family" in Forest Park on Saturday. The nice young man with him told me his name was "Egbert"
(Census silliness aside I have to admit to loving these snowmen. As an artist I find them to be wonderful reminders of the universality of childhood creativity and any artist will tell you there is no better medium to make a sculpture out of than snow . I loved watching the collaboration between the generations as men got built and I couldn't help but notice the instantaneous joy I felt seeing snowmen throughout the neighborhood. They symbolize what I adore about winter & what snow meant to me as a child. To this day the news that snow is coming brings joy to my heart and I have to think this is at least in part due to the many happy experiences I had as a child . To me there has always been something magical about snowfall and snowmen are the winter equivalent of summers sandcastles-equally magical and here for but a moment in time...Thank you to all of the folks who made these guys. You made me incredibly happy! )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I feel like the world is coming to an end-soon. Stores are filled with folks manically shopping for food-any food. The check out lines are mega long. Shelves are, in some cases , bare.
I grew up loving snow=the more, the merrier. I did not fear it. I did not panic. I played in it until I was frozen. Now-a-days folks treat snow like it is some terrible , toxic mystery. A force that could kill you if you look it's way for too long. Not the stuff of snow cones, snow balls and snow forts.
I sound silly but doesn't everyone have food in their home? Is anyone really in danger of starving if we get a little snow? Is peril only a snow flake away?
Silly, silly, silly people.
I am going to work tomorrow . I'll be the one wearing boots and warm, comfortable clothes. I'll have a thermos of warm tea in my bag and there will be a big smile on my face.I have not written my will -just in case I perish - and I do not understand how we all became such wimps when it comes to a little bit of snow.
P.S. One other thing: there has been such an over abundance of salt spread everywhere this past week that you see it's dust in car head lights at night and can actually TASTE it's presence in the air if you are unlucky enough to open your mouth to speak. What an over reaction to some frozen water........