Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last snowfall of the old year

Today we had snow coupled with strong wind. Covered in a thin layer of white, everything looked composed for winter slumber. The view out the bedroom window was particularly beautiful as the snow nestled into the red roof tiles.

A carpet of fallen leaves covers the ground

The trees all all but empty of leaves  and the fallen leaves carpet the ground, protecting everything underneath.Y

inside where it's warm!

As today was colder than most days of late,  Nicki wisely spent much of the day   atop a pile of soft blankets.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

end of year visit to the grandparents grave

We made our end of year visit to my paternal grandparents grave today. It was a sunny day and we had brought a swag to drape onto the monument-as we have done for several years now. It is our way of including those who are no longer with us into our lives at this time of year. During the rest of the year we stop by to leave stones collected while on trips, to plant bulbs & seeds and to leave small flags. Partly , it gives us a purpose to visit. Partly, it is to pay our respects & it is also to show that our family has not been forgotten and is still in our hearts and on our minds. I find visiting cemeteries to be peaceful and beautiful. There are so many amazing works of art there and since most places were in existence for long periods of time-it is like going back in time, history wise. I also love to see how people remember their loved ones and what the leave behind-it can be flowers-real or fake, decorations,books, letters and stones. What is left behind, for me-makes the cemetery a living places opposed to a place one only goes when dead. I feel things are left on graves with great love , kindness & remembrance,  especially around the holidays.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas tree

This year's tree with a paper star in the background. 

Nicki keeps an eye on the neighborhood

Nicki spent part of todaysitting in the kitchen window, watching the world go by. Otherwise, it was a very quiet, ordinary day. 

Chanukah-festival of lights

Since it was the last night of Chanukah we finally got around to lighting the candles rather late in the evening when we were ready to eat dinner & could enjoy their light. As they burned down, the reality of one holiday's passing set in. Luckily, we have New Years to look forward to! 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

As we are in the very last days of this old year I am sorting through photos of the past 12 months with an eye towards depicting 2008 on the 4th floor. Consider this to be an introduction to "us" & our extended family.

winter 2007-first snowfall

Nicki & her big sister Sandi in their cat beds

My print-"Meditation Mandala" ©RAESP2008-hanging in our window

Welcome to "Life on the 4th floor"! This is the story of life-on the 4th floor! Things here are tight (the place itself is rather small) & colorful (I am an artist so that adds lots of color!) & furry (2 cats share this space:sisters Nicki & Sandi) . I imagine this blog as a place one can visit to see what is up, what is new and what is going on, here on the 4th floor. Kind of like stopping by for a visit without having to hop on the F train!