Tuesday, December 30, 2008

end of year visit to the grandparents grave

We made our end of year visit to my paternal grandparents grave today. It was a sunny day and we had brought a swag to drape onto the monument-as we have done for several years now. It is our way of including those who are no longer with us into our lives at this time of year. During the rest of the year we stop by to leave stones collected while on trips, to plant bulbs & seeds and to leave small flags. Partly , it gives us a purpose to visit. Partly, it is to pay our respects & it is also to show that our family has not been forgotten and is still in our hearts and on our minds. I find visiting cemeteries to be peaceful and beautiful. There are so many amazing works of art there and since most places were in existence for long periods of time-it is like going back in time, history wise. I also love to see how people remember their loved ones and what the leave behind-it can be flowers-real or fake, decorations,books, letters and stones. What is left behind, for me-makes the cemetery a living places opposed to a place one only goes when dead. I feel things are left on graves with great love , kindness & remembrance,  especially around the holidays.

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