Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to give away other people's money

Following up on the post below-it was announced  yesterday that "Pets Alive" won in their regional category! 
As donating to one's causes became difficult with the economic downturn  , I became interested in the opportunities out there to give away other people's money to the causes I believe in. It seems that many of these grants are yearly and there are probably others out there (that I would love to know about and participate in so clue me in if you know of these things!) so it is worthwhile to keep things like the Animal Rescue Site on your Radar for 2010. 
If you have a Facebook account you can friend Chase and vote in their grant giveaway . I am leery of having  hassle of Facebook in my life so I set up an account for this type of use and then activate and deactivate as needed. Chase is an interesting situation as you can nominate organizations to this process if they are not already listed.
Also of note-Tom's Of Maine. Their grant voting just ended too and ,happily, one project devoted to animal welfare-"Corridor Of Cruelty" won! (I voted every day=so that made my day!) You can check out this years results and if you are a part of a non-profit organization this might be a good resource to investigate for 2010. I found out about this particular grant through The Creative Center (Formerly The Creative Center For Women With Cancer-and arts organization I work for in NYC)  one of the many organizations that were in the running this year.
I wish there was more of a way to organize support behind organizations in these situations as some of this seems popularity driven and the organizations themselves are not great at getting the word out. To that end I'll investigate what is out there and if I come across anything I'll post it. I like helping -I like that the process could not be easier and I like giving away other people's money to the causes I love. Win-win-win!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vote for "Pets Alive"

Some of you may have read about Oreo the dog-she was recently put to sleep by the ASPCA after it was determined she could not be rehabilitated -having lived a terrible life so far. I crossed my fingers that someone special would step forward to save her. The organization called "Pets Alive" did  but for some strange reason the ASPCA ignored the offer of help. I am no animal expert but I do feel animals have a right to their lives & we should do all we can to help heal those that have been abused. 
Pets Alive is currently vying for a $20,000. grant. I think they more than deserve it. You can vote once , each day until Dec. 20th & weather you vote for Pets Alive or some other worthy animal shelter-it's all good. 
Go here to learn more about Pets Alive. Follow the link to vote on their page. 

R.I.P. Oreo