Monday, August 2, 2010

What to do when "they" spell the name wrong on the birthday cake:

In yesterdays afternoon sun I bravely went forth to procure a yummy birthday cake for Ely. I spelled his name to the nice young lady at the bakery and assumed all was well. I even tipped her $1. for her handy work. Later that evening when I opened the box to place a lone candle on it (no need to find and light 47 right? That will only be required come the BIG 50.) I saw a misprint. Ugh. Not Ely but Eli. What to do.
1. place candle strategically by the "i" so it is obscured.
2. turn off the lights and leave them off after the candle has been blown out. Mutter something about less light being more romantic.
3. cut the very first slice into the offending spelling error so that all evidence of this mishap is quickly disposed of.
4. breath a sigh of relief and eat cake.
photos to come.
Note to self-next year write out name for all to see. E-L-Y.

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