Sunday, September 26, 2010

Days later...

Many days later , there is still much left to be done here in Queens, N.Y.-clean up wise. There have been many complaints that work has been slow and ,as a result, things here are not as safe as they should be. Branches dangle, trees and debrise blocks sidewalks-only really dangerous at night when it is hard to see...
Local blogger Queens Crap has carried several of the stories and posted photos (here) as have the local newspapers.
Some things I have noticed as I walk about my neighborhood:
There is an incredible amount of sunlight in the area suddenly as trees that stood for decades have been brought done either by the tornado or tree companies.
Mulch piles are growing everywhere. If they do not catch your attention with their size, The scent of the mix of chopped wood alerts you to their presence. It is a relief to see the end product of all this destruction being put to good use. It would be horrible to have it all end up in a land fill. (more photos to come...)

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