Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekend:antiques

This weekend we visited the New York State Fair Grounds to see an antique show there. It was like a trip down memory lane-everywhere you looked you saw items from childhood & both of my grandparents houses. There were wonderful items for Halloween & Christmas and amazing collections of every kind. Toys and comic books, dishes and jewelry. Furniture and rugs. Old spice tins and wonderful hats.
The fair grounds are amazing to behold for a city kid-so much space and such lovely old buildings!(With wonderful tile work ) There was a nice 9/11 memorial and beautiful trees in the process of changing color.
We also got to meet friend's sweet dog Lily (Or is it Lilly?)
A bigger version of this show is held every August and I am hoping to return for it. With all that cities have to offer there is nothing like a good, old fashioned fair grounds to make you realize what you are missing...

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