Friday, January 21, 2011

Visit with friends

We had a wonderful weekend visit with friends for the M.L.K. Day weekend .
The adventure with friends involved a visit to a comedy club where the jokes ranged from "putting the family dog down is very funny" (really?) to "marriage as men see it" to a novel twist on N.Y.C.'s "if you see something, say something" terrorist alert to classic NYC language barrier jokes.
Then there was the Brooklyn Flea Market, held at the stunning One Hanson Place bank building. Go for the building alone-it is beautiful and if you like mosaics and vaults, ornate lighting and artistic windows (in an odd way reminiscent of what is now at the old Limelight.) this is the place for you. There are interesting flea market finds and food to be had and if you are like me , you'll find items that will take you straight back to your childhood, your grandparents house and so on.
Finally, the weekend ended with a Knicks game. They lost but we had fun & we hope to have more adventures-soon-with Michelle & Mark.

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