Thursday, February 17, 2011

the last to leave

If found, please return:

I've been told that , of all trees, an oak tree's leaves are the last to let go. They sit there, attached, through winter's storms & they are also the toughest to compost as they take the longest to break down. One small tree sits outside my kitchen window & last weekend I watched as leaves slowly took flight...
Here is another tree on the block-still full of leaves on this almost SPRING like day...

1 comment:

  1. Something about the devil saying he would take the oak's soul - the oak saying could you wait, please, until I have lost all my leaves? The devil saying, well, fine, and waiting, the oak hanging on to its leaves, then, just as the first brown leaf falls, the devil leaps to take the oak's soul, only to find a new green leaf emerging beneath it, and the devil lacerating all the leftover brown leaves in rage...Which is why the oak has leaves shaped the way it does.

    I think someone told me that story once, in a comment on my blog...