Thursday, February 17, 2011

the last to leave

If found, please return:

I've been told that , of all trees, an oak tree's leaves are the last to let go. They sit there, attached, through winter's storms & they are also the toughest to compost as they take the longest to break down. One small tree sits outside my kitchen window & last weekend I watched as leaves slowly took flight...
Here is another tree on the block-still full of leaves on this almost SPRING like day...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And then there was ICE...

We got hit with a wintry mix last night. Snow with freezing rain, forecast to hit between 3a.m. -6a.m.
As if on cue, I awoke at 4:30 and took my camera to the window. Everything was covered in a shiny glaze of ice. Had I been braver I might have thrown on a coat to go & look around for more sights & photos but I could not imagine that there was anything so amazing out there in the cold, wet dark that it would trump returning to the nice warm bed.