Thursday, March 30, 2017

A memory from May 22,2016

Today's memory is from May of last year. We gathered at the steps to participate in the   NYLC's Sacred Sites  program.
There was music and readings. I made several of the "sacred stars" , created for the original event one year ago, with the help of Anthony and our photographer captured the moments and the people. 
I brought one of the signs that I have made for Founders Day . As New York City tears down it's architectural history and builds itself anew, I find myself feeling less at home here as it's streets become less familiar to me with each passing day. Landmarking is one way to preserve what little now remains of what once was. After everyone had placed candles on the steps, we combined them to spell out words that best conveyed the moment. This is something that I have done several times since the night of August 22nd, 2015 and I do it to send a message of hope to those that pass by . I have always hoped that these simple words might help someone or encourage those that see them to go forth from this spot feeling more love, joy and hope. 
I think that there are numerous ways in which a sacred site can impact the lives of those who live near it, rely upon it and just happen to be passing by. A reminder of LOVE may seem simple but in our day and age and city, perhaps it is life saving to see this word. Maybe it feeds someone soul. I'd like to think that these words have the potential to inspire. I know leaving these words behind does soothe me and does express my wish for our world at large. 

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