Sunday, March 29, 2009

post Earth Hour report

I am chained to my desk doing dreaded paperwork for my job & I just saw a bird walk by and up my fire escape. I could not get the camera out quick enough and now no one's gonna believe me. 
So, it is the morning after Earth Hour 2009 and here is what I did: making dinner a little too late to trek into NYC I lit candles (which some have now said was not helpful from a carbon foot print point of view) and sat by the window waiting for 8:30 to come so I could see  all of the lights in my view go dark. Like many folks will tell you -none did. So I went for a stroll just to see what was going on in my own neighborhood. I think I can safely if unscientifically say there was 99% noncompliance. There were lights on everywhere I went. 
As 9:30 hit I made my way home and turned on the computer to check the Earth Hour website and there were all these fantastic photos being loaded from all over the world by folks observing this hour of recognition that "we" need to do something major to save our planet. While those images were uplifting , I was sad more was not done locally to promote this event and to create support and action. I hope next year will be different. Especially now that the United nations has gotten behind this movement. I will say this:I enjoyed myself & the feeling of solidarity that I sensed with folks all over this earth. 

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