Saturday, March 21, 2009

The new White House garden!

How exciting! The Obama family is going to plant a victory garden! I have long been a deep believer in organic gardening so this thrills me! It has been many years since I was lucky enough to have land to tend but the concept of compost and the wonders it can create are a core value of mine. You basically take waste & transform it into "gold" (with the help of hard working worms!). & food grown in your own backyard is 100% more delicious than anything you could buy in a store. I am also a fan of Alice Waters and her ideas about our relationship to the food we eat-the very stuff that feeds our bodies and fuels us. I think growing your own food is something that brings you into daily contact with nature. To see a plant spring from a seed, grow, produce flowers that turn to fruit-all of that is magical. In the big picture-imagine the positive impact this might have across the country! Gardens, in the depression & during  war time, were a means of self sufficiency. This may inspire others to return to this practice and everyone who has had a garden knows the abundance it can bring. I usually had more than I could eat & often gave away string beans and such. What  a wonderful idea! 

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