Wednesday, June 17, 2009

animal lovers

I am and always have been an animal lover. I was brought up with many lovely cats and other "pets" and living with animals taught me much as a child. As a result, I love all animals and hate the idea of anyone treating them cruelly . 
Last winter a plane went down in the river after a bird strike. In response to this N.Y.C. has announced a plan to kill 2,000 geese in the next few days. This plan has been criticized as an expensive and misguided "solution" (See here for the Humane Society of  The United Sates reaction ) and a petition has been created to protest the city's action . (see here) If you love animals as I do you'll want to do what you can & add your voice to this protest. 
P.S. Who knew there was a petition site? What an interesting way to reach people and communicate about your cause! 

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