Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life IS funny sometimes

Back from vacation in Istanbul & Paris, I went to work today with an open mind.(an open mind is the frame of mind I default to most often when teaching as you never know what to expect & an open mind leaves you OPEN FOR ANYTHING)
I work in a hospital, teaching art & creative process to patients so there isn't much I can say about the individuals I work with due to privacy  considerations but the day was full of surprises, like a roller coaster you have never been on before. Unexpected turns here, mind blowing speed there...suffice to say much good work was done , fun was had by all  , new vistas were opened and explored. These types of days can  be the exception but when they occur it is as if the planets have aligned =akin to an athlete saying they are in "the ZONE". & they are so very wonderful to be a part of!!! Since I have been home from Paris for several days now, the impact of the trip itself has receded  as everyday reality sets in. But as I fastened the necklaces each patient had made onto their necks for the first time I did find myself, saying without thought, "Voila". I had not used that word during the entire trip but it did feel as if "Voila" was just the smallest bit of Paris poking it's way back into my  day now that I am "home". 
(The photo above was taken in one of the lovely little gardens at Versailles . We had just eaten our simple picnic lunch and were resting in the shade before heading over to Marie-Antoinette's  residence when these sweet birds came fluttering down to gobble up any stray bread crumbs. )

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