Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something to think about on this day

Something to think about: This news story came out in the midst of N.Y.C.'s collection and gassing of geese  & it did make me stop and think. Read one account of the story here   . Another here. & here you'll get the view of "Wild Earth Guardians" & here for a view from "Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility" . 
If the news of an seemingly increased use of violence against animals here in the U.S. concerns you , as it did me, you'll find the petition to protest the killing of geese here in N.Y.C. here, along with several other petitions regarding the welfare of both wild and domestic animals in the U.S. and abroad. 
On an up note, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads out there. If you want to read a recent collection of thoughts about fathers go here. You'll find me among the list but don't tell my dad. It is kind of sentimental. 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Geese Peace

Each day here in NYC there have been follow up stories on the number of geese being trapped and killed here. (one of the most up to date accounts can be found on the blog Queens Crap )Today one organization and their solution came to light: GeesePeace . Read about their concept here. (And as an artist, I love their logo and  site art so they must be on track!)
In the good news department, the petition to protest the killing of geese is growing. If you have not yet signed , you can find it here. And many thanks to all of those who have already signed , from all over the country and our world.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

animal lovers

I am and always have been an animal lover. I was brought up with many lovely cats and other "pets" and living with animals taught me much as a child. As a result, I love all animals and hate the idea of anyone treating them cruelly . 
Last winter a plane went down in the river after a bird strike. In response to this N.Y.C. has announced a plan to kill 2,000 geese in the next few days. This plan has been criticized as an expensive and misguided "solution" (See here for the Humane Society of  The United Sates reaction ) and a petition has been created to protest the city's action . (see here) If you love animals as I do you'll want to do what you can & add your voice to this protest. 
P.S. Who knew there was a petition site? What an interesting way to reach people and communicate about your cause! 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Whatcha Doin'?

I have had many jobs. Sometimes several at the same time. Usually art is somehow involved. One of my favorite jobs has been working for an organization that places professional artists in area hospitals where we teach art to patients . The motive is to entertain, distract, involve, engage and enrich. I found out last week that funding for one of my hospitals had not (yet) been acquired and my last day of work would be the following week. A stinging blow . I began work on a card to thank and say good bye to the folks I had worked for and with. As I worked I listened  to NPR's Evening Music with David Garland. He happened to be asking listeners what they were doing as they were listening to the night's program and it made me feel like part of a community of listeners. I sat down at my computer and added my own activity to the list and found myself sitting by the small kitchen radio to hear my words read by David. It was kind of magical and it did take some of the sting away.  
To read more about what folks do as they listen , go here