Monday, April 12, 2010

Life on the 4th floor...

The oven broke a few weeks ago. It had been working on and off rather sporadically since we moved in . (the first Thanksgiving we had at the apartment it was so off that the turkey was bloody and had to be cooked in pieces...) It shut down for good on Feb. 4th and this meant we were without a way to cook much in the way of food. (I say "we" to be polite. My husband is not know to go anywhere near a stove and when he does panic attacks and temper tantrums worthy of a 4 year old ensue-not to mention fears of food poisoning...) So "we" (read the husband) decided we could get along with a convection oven. While I wait for our electricity bills to sky rocket (consequence #1) many things have gotten shifted around in our already tiny kitchen in order to make room for this new oven. ( consequence #2) Poor Sandi (and the lone plant) have been shoved into a corner -not a good combination but so far, no harm, no foul. Here is Sandi in her new resting place-a roasting pan , a perch from where she can observe everything.

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