Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Red, white and blue...I begin a full time job in just 29 short days (taking over an artist-in-residency for someone who'll be going to China for 3 months!) and on my list of things that must get done before August 2nd is the bathroom. It has sat, semi-painted (Due to a leak from the apartment above) for too long and tonight I finally returned to this hot job. I'm hoping for the best and should know by tomorrow's early morning light if the ceiling is done. That leaves me with the walls, windowsill and door and just a bit of annoying plaster work...I had planned on brown trim but the lines of absolutely nothing about this room match up and painting trim in another color might just highlight that fact. As for the "red" of the first line-you can count my flushed cheeks -partly due to the summer heat but also very much due to the bug that seemed to very much want to stick itself to the ceiling. Frustrating!

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