Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A petition we urge you to sign:

Here on the 4th floor, we love all of our animals very much.Nicki & Sandi helped to make our apartment an actual home and they shower us with fun, love and some very basic lessons about a life well lived.
In light of my love for animals I am posting another petition here , this time regarding the signing of football player Michael Vick to the Eagles. I happen to feel signing him sends the wrong message & I agree with those who say this:if Vick has been a lesser talent he might have been banned from returning to football all together. Perhaps the N.F.L. would have been wiser to have banned Mr. Vick for life , taking into consideration the impact players have on the children who naturally view them as role models. I also think something like this points to the prevalence of violence in some forms of sports. It almost seems like the more violent and cruel you are the more successful you can be & I would like to think that it is who you are as a person that matters most-NOT what you are able to accomplish on the playing field. (My grandfather always told us grand kids: it is not weather you win or lose but how you played the game that counts) Our society needs good, solid, well rounded role models to lead us (and our impressionable children) and to inspire us to be better ourselves. I do hope that Mr. Vick may one day attain that status but I have the feeling he is still playing the victim .
If you watched "60 Minutes" this past Sunday perhaps, like me, you were offended by Mr. Vick's assertion that he had found God and that he really was sorry and had learned his lesson. I sensed a script was being read. One we have heard before and it had the usual hollow sound to it.
*please note that the petition has a very graphic photograph of one of the dogs that suffered at the hands of Mr. Vick. I found it disturbing and did want to warn folks as it is very sad.

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