Friday, August 21, 2009

In 9 days...

In 9 short days my parents will have been married 50 years. Successive generations of my family have married "later" in life & as this milestone approaches we joke with each other that none of us will get to celebrate 50 years of marriage.
For the past year we have tried to get a sense of what my parents would like to do to mark this date & this has not been an easy task.
My cousin Helen recently sent me some slides she took of that day & I found out this evening that you can use your computer screen as a light box-who knew!
I have been given this one memory of this day in New Jersey : it was VERY HOT & HUMID. You can not tell from looking at these photos can you?
When I got married I asked family to bring / send photos of their wedding day to me. I framed the photos and we scattered them throughout the inn we were married in. In part this was done to introduce my husband's family to my own (and vice versa) through photographs. But the photos served another very important purpose:many folks in the various photos were no longer with us . By photograph they were "there" & able to share the moment with us all.
I look at the 8 slides taken on this day and see the usual things:the beautiful dress, the handsome men in their suits, the lovely flowers, the serene surrounding and the smile filled faces. Then I notice the people who are gone & that more than the term "50th anniversary" bring home the passage of time. The years flown by. One by one. Day by day. How amazing!

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