Saturday, October 3, 2009

Did you see this?

This is what happens when life (on the 4th floor)gets busy: the blogs are the last thing to get attention...& since so much is happening out there that IS such a shame. "Cause then I find myself mentioning amazing things-after the fact. Like this wonderful & inspiring series-the latest by master story teller, Ken Burns.
This week his breath taking story of America's National Park system ran on my local PBS station and the hair on my arms stands on end just thinking back on it. The history of the system as a whole, each park itself and the personal tales of how these sacred places have touched people and moved them to act to protect the land, plants and animals for us all, forever-what a mammoth undertaking this must have been ! And what fun to do-Ken Burns did an interview on Charlie Rose this week and to hear him speak about this project was itself enlightening.
So this is after the fact but if you get the chance to see this series you will be left with such a sense of wonder, gratitude and amazement ... and being in N.Y.C.-far from the sites and immersed in car traffic and tall skyscrapers and no vast sapphire blue lakes, snow capped mountains , wild flower filled prairies or herds of sheep all I can say is we all do need these protected and well managed spaces -now more than ever.
P.S. One of my favorite thing about this series: it is a tale of the actions of individuals. The classic story of one person making a difference and transforming their own personal experience into an action of good for their country . It left me wondering why life, now-a-days seems so empty of this sort of person and action.....................

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