Sunday, October 4, 2009

Guess where I went today!

I had been meaning to go here for WEEKS! With each passing day I knew there was something to be seen, something I was missing out on. (In this particular case that is especially true as this is a seasonal situation-think Christo's "Gates" in Central Park several years ago.)
You know how it is : something appears on the cultural landscape, you hear rumor of it and vow to go. And happens and time passes and before you know it life has passed you BY. In N.Y.C. this problem is compounded by one huge factor : crowds. Everywhere you go you are bound to find everyone else. That makes things very hard to enjoy. I love the empty , the open , the relaxed . When you add urban numbers to any event, the outcome can often be waiting in lines, hassle , and an inability to process what is going on around you since the main goal seems to be acting like Salmon as they swim up stream to get where they need to go. BIG bears chopping at them. (Thank you , Ken Burns)
So, you put things off until the Times article impact has worn off & the crowds have died down a bit. I do this ALL the time. And sometimes it means I miss things. NOT TODAY.
So here are some images from my pilgrimage. Can you tell where I finally went and explored? I purposefully chose stuff to mislead you. Or maybe I want to open your eyes just a bit to the alternative views that are to be found. The hidden vistas the N.Y.Times & the web site and the publicity tornado have ignored = the stuff I look for and love to find whenever I go exploring. But where is it?

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