Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy! Halloween!
Happy! Fall weather!
Happy! Extra hour of sleep! 
Photos taken at the quaint & delicious Eddies Sweet Shop & from an outside display at Danny Brown's. 
Saw "Amelia" last night and went to Eddies for hot chocolate & ice cream (with real whipped cream!). The T.V. had the Yankee game on and when A Rod hit his home run a soda jerk came round with a tray of egg cream shots for everyone to celebrate. Very quaint, sweet & heart warming. 
After the Yanks won again tonight comes a dilemma-would you want them to win tomorrow=away from home or would you rather they lose Monday night just so they can return to NYC and win here at home...hard choice. Since my memories are of them winning here I would have to go with that one as there is nothing like winning at home with the fans. 

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